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Ceremonial Matcha Shot

Ceremonial Matcha Shot

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Enjoy the finest matcha in a convenient form with our Ceremonial Matcha Shot. Pre-whisked and ready to serve, it's an authentic matcha experience in a small bottle — ideal for a refreshing tea or a creamy latte.

The Ceremonial Matcha Shot is made with Natsu, a ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Japan. Every 60ml jar provides you with a convenient ceremonial matcha experience, no whisking required.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Shake the jar well before use.
  • Mix 50ml of the matcha shot with 150ml of water or milk to enjoy a refreshing matcha tea or a creamy matcha latte.
  • Adjust the ratio to suit your taste and enjoy cold or over ice for a revitalizing beverage.

Storage Instructions:

  • Store the matcha shot in the refrigerator.
  • For optimal freshness and to enjoy the vibrant flavor of Natsu matcha, use within four weeks of opening.

With the Ceremonial Matcha Shot, a traditional and authentic matcha experience is ready in moments, inviting you to savor its complexity and tranquility with each serving.

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